You have made up your mind as finally the day has arrived. The day which signifies promise and togetherness will give you a chance to ask your partner for their presence throughout your life, forever. Planning for the proposal of your dreams may be doubtful, but always keep in your mind that your woman’s preferences do matter and to remember because the event should be equally important for her.
So, let’s look into to some ways you can express your love.

Try to be yourself.

It is one of the most important things to be kept in mind that is yourself. Your partner should accept you for whom you are. One should keep it simple, actual, true and sweet while popping the question.

Get help from your neighbors and friends to plan a surprise. 

Try with the help of your friends to plan something special and surprise them. The effort you took to gather them is going to be considered by them. At the end it is the effort you took matters.

Take them out a special dinner. 

Get them somewhere romantic where you can play one of their favorite tracks and order something exquisite. As his mood is created you can pop out the question.

Bend down on your knees. 

Considered as the oldest ways to ask out a girl, but it will sure that it is still a winner. Women do love their men to be chivalrous. A red rose in hand will be like icing on the cake in the moment.

Try to be little dramatic. 

Do something dramatic, like enacting a role or playing a portion in a drama scene they like. Put your artistic side into effect.

Surprise her with a large banner or write-ups. 

Trying some extravagant stuff like writing up their nick names or a thing common between you guys as a method your special proposal.

Try some place where you guys initially met. 

Your love will surely be moved by your actions as humans do love one who remembers. You are sure to get a positive response.

If you have budget, do something extraordinary. 

Are you wealthy enough, try something with your wealth! Be sure they are mostly positive about you and would get a yes as an answer.

Drive down to a beach or near a water path when the sun is about to set. 

Who doesn’t like a sun set at the beach or the backwaters with a pleasant breeze of air to guide you with the mood. It’s likely than they at the finest mood at that point.

Are you adventurous, plan something crazy? 

Every person like to be around who is full of energy and is adventurous. So, take them to some adventure trip like trekking, where you can pop up the emotion to your partner.

These are some of the ways you can be sure to get a “yes” for your proposal. But never get disappointed or lower yourself if you get a no. every one might have their own reason.