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How Many Coins in a Carrom Board? A Comprehensive Guide



Carrom, a beloved tabletop game that originated in the Indian subcontinent, has captured the hearts of players across generations. Its simplicity, combined with strategic depth, makes it a favorite pastime for families, friends, and competitive players alike. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the fascinating world of carrom coins, their significance, and the setup of a standard carrom board.

Carrom Coins: Types and Significance

1. Black Coins (Carrom Goti)

Carrom coins, also known as carrom pieces or carrom men, are small, round, wooden discs used to play the popular board game Carrom. The game, based on aim and shots, shares similarities with other classic board games such as billiards, pool, and table shuffleboard. Carrom coins serve as the heart of the game, allowing players to strike the larger striker coin and pocket their own coins into the corner pockets on the four corners of the carrom board.

How Many Black Coins Are There?

  • Quantity: A standard carrom board features 10 black coins.
  • Distribution: Each player receives nine black coins at the beginning of the game.
  • Objective: The primary goal is to pocket all your black coins along with the red coin (the Queen) before your opponent does.

2. White Coins (Carrom Goti)

White coins, also known as Carrom Goti, play a crucial role in carrom gameplay. Let’s explore their significance:

How Many White Coins Are There?

  • Quantity: The Carrom Board game includes 10 white carrom coins.
  • Role: White coins serve as reference points for all the other coins on the board. They help players gauge angles, plan their shots, and strategize their moves.
  • Winning Strategy: In most variants of carrom, pocketing the white coins first can provide a strategic advantage. These coins are valued more than the other coins, making them easily identifiable even when partially covered by other pieces.

3. Red Coin (The Queen)

The red carrom coin, affectionately known as the Queen, holds a special place in carrom lore. Here’s why:

How Many Red Coins Are There?

  • Quantity: Only one red coin is used in a standard carrom game.
  • Importance: The Queen is the most important piece on the board.
  • Objective: Successfully pocket the Queen along with all your other pieces to secure victory.

Carrom Board Setup

  1. Positioning the Coins:

    • Arrange the white coins around the red coin (the Queen) in the center of the carrom board.
    • Distribute the black coins evenly between the two players.
  2. The Opening Break:

    • The player who wins the toss gets the privilege of striking first.
    • The striker aims to disperse the coins and pocket as many as possible.
  3. Scoring and Winning:

    • Players earn points for each pocketed coin.
    • The Queen carries the highest point value.
    • The player who pockets all their coins, including the Queen, wins the game.


Carrom, with its wooden coins gliding across the smooth board, evokes nostalgia and camaraderie. Whether played during lazy afternoons or intense tournaments, carrom remains a cherished part of our cultural heritage. So, gather your coins, chalk your fingers, and let the flicking begin!

!Carrom Board

For more exciting indoor games, explore our Games section. Remember, the next time you play carrom, appreciate the simplicity of those wooden coins—they hold the magic of countless memories.

Did you know? Most top carrom players hail from India, where the game has a devoted following.


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