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Nuketown Gun Game in Fortnite: A Thrilling Experience


What is  Gun Game?

Nuketown Gun Game is an exciting custom map available in Fortnite’s Creative mode. Inspired by the iconic Nuketown map from Call of Duty, this intense game mode pits players against each other in a fast-paced gunfight. The objective? Eliminate opponents to progress through a variety of weapons. It’s a race to be the first player to reach 50 eliminations!

How to Play Nuketown Gun Game

  1. Access the Map: To play Nuketown Gun Game, use the Creative code: 6722-4469-69891. Follow these steps:

    • Open Fortnite and head to the Creative mode.
    • In the game modes menu, select the ‘Island Code’ tab.
    • Enter the code and start the action-packed match.
  2. Gameplay Mechanics:

    • Eliminate an opponent to receive a new weapon.
    • The player with the most eliminations wins.
    • Adapt quickly as you switch between different firearms.
  3. Nuketown Vibes:

    • The map design captures the essence of Nuketown, complete with tight spaces, close-quarters combat, and adrenaline-pumping moments.
    • Expect intense firefights around every corner.

Why Play Nuketown Gun Game?

  • Retro Nostalgia: If you loved Nuketown in Call of Duty, this Fortnite version will take you down memory lane.
  • Skill Challenge: Sharpen your reflexes and adaptability as you switch weapons on the fly.
  • Community Fun: Gather friends or join online lobbies for epic battles.


Nuketown Gun Game offers a unique twist on Fortnite’s gameplay, combining nostalgia with intense combat. Dive into the action, master the weapons, and emerge victorious in this thrilling map!

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