Amazing facts about a Female body!

Women are considered the pillars for survival as the childbearing is the most fascinating feat of the female body which males are helpless. There are plenty of things that make the female body quite remarkable and let’s explore them.

Women have stronger immune systems

It is known fact that women tend to live longer than men. This could be very well due to the fact that the female body have developed better methods at fighting off infections than the male body to protect their offspring. Studies have shown that the female sex hormone estrogen plays a part in this, as women plays the crucial role in giving birth.

Women can see more colors

According to research, women have shown a larger “color vocabulary” when compared to men. Researchers had asked men and women to break down the hue of a color and to assign a percentage to the categories of red, yellow, green and blue. So, distinguishing between subtle gradations colors were done better by women than men were.

They have better memory

Women have been naturally found to be stronger in memory skills than men. As suggested in studies, it was found that women easily outdid men in memory tests. Also when it comes to remembering the faces of people, women in general are far better than men.

Their bodies gets remarkable changes during pregnancy

Most fascinating changes that happen to a woman’s body come at the time of pregnancy. The uterus grows from the size of an orange at the beginning to the size of a watermelon in 9 months. In addition, while most mothers get to know the pain of contractions, many probably don’t realize how much pressure is actually exerted. The force from a uterus equates to roughly 397 pounds of pressure per square foot when pushing with a contraction is done!

Women detect smells better

It is quite proven about the woman’s awareness of body odor and smell. The researchers have come to a conclusion that women are more attuned to underarm body odor as an biological adaption that helps them choose a potential partner among the group.

Women are naturally flexible than men

Women have an advantage when it comes to stretching and flexibility. Initially, female muscles and tendons made up of more elastin than men. So this protein is the one which gives our muscles, organs and skin the ability to stretch. So, it naturally helps them with greater flexibility on average compared to men. More specifically, women’s lower spines are structurally completely different from men, having evolved to accommodate the load of carrying a baby for 9 months during pregnancy.

Women’s bodies keep changing into their 20s

Acne, period cramps, mood swings and the peak of metabolism during women’s 20s occur through their menstrual cycle but adolescence means drastic bodily changes for women. Also, the body can become curvier and cellulite can start developing. 20s are a non-stop emotional and physical development ride, which settles down in women’s 30s and thereafter.

They have different circadian rhythms from men

A study found that women’s body have different circadian rhythm clocks that follow a more easterly time zone. As a result of which, women tend to awake and go to sleep earlier than normal men.

They have better muscle endurance

Research has shown that, women were able to exercise for about 75% longer than men in stamina-related exercises could. Men are usually proven with the upper-hand when it comes to strength exercises, but it may be surprising to many that women may actually have better muscle endurance than men do.


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