Signs of Courageous Introverts

This post is about what’s happening on the inside, in your heart and mind of introvert who may not be good around people and creating connections but is courageous within.

They just begin.

They just start something of their own. Sometimes, they don’t even know why they did. But circumstances and thoughts present themselves to be — not always in obvious or ideal ways — and on the way decide to improve from them. They don’t seek or wait for approval anyone.

They have deep, abiding faith in themself.

They are genuinely open to others’ views but are not ruled and manipulated by them. They trust themself and their own judgment in the end. As individuals, they see rejections, knocks, setbacks, disappointments, even failure as just temporary. They do get affected by them temporarily but doesn’t allow themself to feel the pain. When they’re ready; they pick themself up and begin again. Keeping the faith, in a humble way, even as the odds stack up is there way of gaining courage.

They do the thing without knowing the ending.

They do the thing because it’s in them, they believe in it and because it feels right. They don’t need to understand everything or feel 100% certain and steady. They proceed anyway and even when it gets hard, they persist.

They move ahead even knowing the consequences.

They know the stakes and the drill and understand it may not be good or popular as the society may conceive. It may be the very opposite of the extrovert things. It may bring upon the critics or the trolls from the crowd. But they take the chance for good. They throw their heart into the bar while you staking all on it.

They know what you’re good at — and bad at.

They have an accurate understanding of their own talent and weakness, without even the need to thinking too much about it. They know what their weaknesses are and try to keep working and developing on those things that could hold them back.  But, when it comes to moving ahead, it is through their strengths that they will make a point.

They aim to learn before you aim to earn.

Learning and curiosity drives them — not popularity and hanging around. They stay interested in their own stuff. They hoover up knowledge by reading and spending time to understand them. They just keep trying to improvise, trying to get better at things and that drags them out of bed each morning to fight the hurdles.

They are scared and but persist.

They understand that fear can be worked along the path that you don’t have to banish it in order to act. Fear will paralyze them, and they know if they allow it to become too big, they overcome it. They know that big things lie on the other side of vulnerability and emotional risk.


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