10 ways to impress your crush

You’re in situation where you might have met a guy or a girl you like. But doesn’t know whether they are interested in you or nor do they show interest in you. So, what do you do? Don’t worry, here are some effective ways to trick them into liking you or impress them without having to bother them.

Be confident

Yeah, you heard it right! Being confident in you can be the most effective way. Most of the initial attraction is a result of physical attraction, but the outer beauty depend on how well you are able to take care of yourself and the level of confidence a person can possess. Do not indulge I thoughts about what others think about you, all you need to do is believe, smile and be the best version of yourself.

  • Be real to impress your crush

We are engulfed in the era of social media, where everyone has created a fake image of themselves in the society and show their life to be awesome. Both men and women prefer real people who are honest, confident ad passionate about themselves.

  • Become Independent

A human being who is independent becomes automatically impressive in front of your crush. Our actions, words and habits are making right choices. Make changes to your life in a positive way.  It’s only when we enjoy with our self and start making decisions on what to do alone will make your crush realize that you are ready to stand for the right things.

  • Be genuinely interested in your partner’s life.

The moment you start to show that you are actually interested in his or her life and you want to learn about their interests, they will greatly appreciate your warmth. Avoid being nice to them for the sake of impressing them. But never lose your life for theirs being obsessed over them in any way.

  • Be goals driven and show them your creativity.

Humans love people who are talented and are success driven. Goal-driven individuals are definitely found to be attractive as talent and passion with drive to go ahead are features of dedicated human.

  • Humor is a way to impress your crush

Be it men or women, both like being around humorous and joyful people rather than around dull or moody ones. Good sense of humor often key ways to get to know someone closer.

  • Use eye contact as a tool

Our eyes are the doorways to the inner world. Be sure to use it to pass secret messages. When you see your crush, be sure to let him or her know how you feel about them. Then break eye contact to glance at their lips. It will be a sure sign that you would like to know them better.

  •  Smile at them often

When you see your crush, always remember to smile at them before any conversation can start. Smiling is always considered as the subtle way to express ones interest in the other human. No one can resist anyone who is greeted with a pleasant smile.

  • Be outstanding in your own thing.

Everyone has a specific niche or good at something. Humans are attracted to people who push themselves to become the best. Staying committed to a cause needs effort, dedication and hard work. Consider engaging in things we care about, we are passionate without giving up.

Stay fit and work on your weak stuff

You don’t need to become obsessed with your weight, but work on fitness by taking time to indulge in activities that enhance your mood, physique and whole body. Ensure to remain active every day and you will start to people around you paying more and more attention to you.


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