To avoid Repeating Yourself:

When you ask someone a question and they reply with “what?”, simply stare at them. In most cases, the person will answer your question. This trick works because for most people, it’s a habit to ask “what?”

To make someone Uncomfortable:

During a conversation, avoid eye contact and instead gaze at the person’s forehead. However, don’t forget to remain ethical and use this trick only on the people who deserve to have this trick used on them.

If you have a request to a person:

Avoid using “could you” since it may seem off as something that can be done theoretically. For example, don’t say, “could you do that for me?”. Instead, rephrase your request by saying “please, can you do it.”

To avoid sounding like ordering:

If you are sounding ordering, Say, “I need your help with this” instead of saying “I need you to do this” or “I want you to do something”

Use words others can relate to:

Instead of using abstract language, many effective communicators often use concrete language. For example, they say “I can feel your pain” instead of saying “I relate to your viewpoint”

Memories triggered by scents:

Memories triggered by scents are usually much stronger than memories that are triggered by any other sense.

To solve something complex:

Start by telling to yourself that the task needed to be is easy and solvable. You may not be able to solve it completely, but at the very least, you won’t be distracted by the negative thoughts of not being able to solve it.