As per study, 80 people in this world that collectively share the same amount of money as overall 3.5 billion people. This Global inequality continues and many individuals who did not have wealth or could not become wealthy were disgusted by the richest 1% who “are cursing and writing the rules of an unfair global economy that is continuing to exist.”

Becoming wealthy and financially free comes together to attitude. Simply note that attitude is everything.

The rich focus on opportunities, not obstacles.

Whether it is building wealth or a successful career, it’s all a matter of perspective. The poor often see obstacles, troubles and find reasons to quickly give up, while the rich see the opportunities or creates one and enter arenas that many would not have even dared to.

The rich associate with positive, successful people.

Rich people know that continually hanging out with people that continuously talks about success, opportunity, and the positive things in life, chances are that they will see the world from an entirely different perspective. Rather than people who complain about the weather, bad-mouth, the employer, government, and speak negatively about the state of the economy, then they will likely start doing the same thing.

The rich believe in the law of income.

The rich believe that they are paid according to the value of work they have done or will find ways to get them from the market. They believe that they should be compensated accordingly to services they have done.

The rich don’t mind choosing the hard path.

The wealthy often chose the long and tough path. They don’t mind taking the hard road because they have a long-term growth mindset. They may struggle for a while, but they know their actions today could benefit them tremendously in the future. So, they embark on the journey the crowd won’t and stick their eye on the future prize.

The rich are willing to embrace themselves and their value.

Rich people aren’t afraid to promote their thoughts and mostly themself. They believe in their self-worth and stick to their value. Most of the time, they aren’t embellishing. They are a salesperson and at the very least, they are good at selling themself. Poor people might be great at many things, but they have a tendency to downplay them into nothing (either because they are afraid or because they’re not confident in themselves to promote assuming their skills are not worth enough).

The rich are willing to promote themselves and their value.

Rich people aren’t afraid to tell you what they’re great at. Most of the time, they aren’t embellishing. It’s the truth. Poor people might be great at many things, but they always try to downplay themselves into nothing (either because they think negatively of salespeople or because they’re not confident in themselves). Therefore, you assume their skills and talents are just not enough. If you want to be wealthy, one must learn how to become a salesperson for their worth and at the very least, to sell themself.

The rich focus on net worth, while poor on working income.

Poor people often talk in terms salary, perks or hourly pay, whereas wealthy people know that a job salary or hourly income is not nearly as important as someone’s net worth. Rich always find ways to increase their net worth and knows that a large net worth will net many opportunities and will create more wealth in the future. They know that one can earn quite a lot of money working per hour, but if they don’t learn to keep any of it, they will still be broke in the end.

The rich constantly learn and grow.

Many kids who are taught at school tend to think that they’ll be able to work just hard enough to earn their degrees and get a high paid job. Financial knowledge are not provided to them and then they believe after getting a job, they won’t have to pick up another book for the rest of their lives. They might turn this dream into a reality, but rich always know that the world is continuously growing and so do the necessity to constantly learn and grow.