1)         People are seen locking eyes with you.

Both men and women have been locking eyes with you. Humans have a tendency to stare at things that they find pleasurable.

2)       Your opinions get valued over others.

Opinions matter a most when it comes to conversations. It is normally seen that attractive people has a higher chances of their opinion valued over others. So, this happens to you be sure to consider it as a sign.

3)       You get help from strangers and some even go out of their way to help you.

Are you lost and in some trouble. Attractive people find it easy to get help. It can be noticed that some even take a extra step to help you out.

4)       Strangers smile at you frequently

It might have come to your notice that often strangers that pass you throw a smile at you even if you initially did not initiate the thing. Common people use smile as a gesture to compliment a pleasant thing.

5)       People ask you lot of questions and continue to initiate conversations with you.

Most of the times others would engage with you even if you are not that interested. It is a clear sign that they are attracted to you and would like to know more about you.

6)       Others find it happier to be around you.

It may seem that you are a cheerful person in the eyes of someone else. People who are attractive have this charisma to spread happiness to ones attracted to them. It is a mental psychology that all animals including humans have to embrace the things they like to increase their dopamine. 

7)        You have a growth mindset.

Success oriented or growth mindset is the topmost quality seen in human. Be it man or woman, one with a goal or niche is automatically considered numb. But if you have quality thoughts and you’re working towards them, it comes out to be a major point in attraction.

8)      Your happy being yourself.

Amidst all the chaos and people trying to mirror other personalities, being yourself is always considered as an behavioral attractive trait. social media and successive growth of various platform have led human to belittle them self in the build up glamours world. but when one is happy being himself, it is seen as a great trait.

9)        You’re independent in your own ways

In the modern era where everyone is seeking validation and wants someone to know there worth, being an independent human makes one the most attractive out of the lambs in the crowd. it takes courage to embark own ones own journey and to be independent.

10)          Passion and success drives you.

Individuals who have a clear passion and driven by the desire to success, it clear in the eyes of the others that you want something in life. Having a destination to go is actually a attractive thing and almost every human think it has a attractive trait.