Amazing Psychological Facts About Girls or Women

Silence is a way of sign for women. According to some surveys, most females use their silence as a way to express pain. One can know if she’s truly hurt when she is likely to ignore you.

Women have a tendency to understand and read emotions much better than men. They are emotionally vulnerable in most cases.

When a woman tends to share with you about her problems, it does not mean that she is complaining. It’s an expression of her trust in you.

According to researchers, women who are shown ideal and perfect body images feel less confident about their own looks.

Women’s attractiveness increases when they are fertile.

Women go through mood swings almost every month of their menstrual years. So, they are more prone to extreme mood swings. They gravitate to think more of those who have ignored them than to those who are constantly available to them.

Females are inherently more emotional compared to males. Females empathize more than men and can feel what others feel, while being highly caring and protective to their loved ones.

Women are better at multitasking than males according to various studies. It is natural for them to handle their offspring, do household chores and work at the same time.

Females are better at remembering faces than most men. When a girl asks you about something, it’s better to just let her know the truth rather than lying. Chances are she’s asking you because she already knows the answer to the situation. 

Women’s eyes like a mirror reflecting their inner world and its direct doorway to her heart. While ignoring her is only teaching a woman to be independent.

Women normally have a tendency to argue more with the person they care about a lot. If they don’t, maybe they aren’t interested in the guy.

A woman loves guys who pay them attention, than to the ones who only remembers the details about them when they are reminded.

According to studies, Females have as many as twice the pain receptors on their bodies than normal males but are gifted much higher tolerance than males.

When it comes to love and showing affection, they like forehead kisses above everything. Women do crave sex more than men do but are selective and decisive. Women do tend to get attracted towards those who talk naughty.

Females take much longer to come to a decision than males do, but once they’ve made a decision, they are more likely to stick to it.

Humor is always associated with intelligence and most women tend to be attracted to men with a good sense of humor.

Like every boy who has that specific girl who he never forgets, in every girl’s life too, there’s a boy she will never forget in her lifetime.


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