Why do girls or women prefer older men?

Mature and experienced men know what they want from their life. As they already have gone through various stages of life, they are not going to mess with their partner or their life. They would have found a way to stabilize it.

Girls and women have a tendency to generally to gravitate towards boys or men who are elder to them. It’s a common scenario since girls get mature pretty quicker than boys. So, normally while men are struggling and confused about making serious decisions in life, women would be getting ready to get settled down. So, maybe, that is the reason, why women tend to gravitate towards an older guy. Since they might have already passed through the hurdles of life and now can be serious about commitment.

Moreover, most of them would be financially more stable and established than the younger ones. As one of the main factors in relationship is nurturing their partner and offspring, a mature stable man can be helpful in settling life and committing to a relationship.

Younger males go through a lot of emotion regarding their future and stability. Love can only persist as a result of patience, care and trust as the initial attraction may actually fade away in name commitment. So, handling critical situations and standing up for your partner in the bonding, will only result in the relationship being a happier one.

Men tend to be more subtle as the wild phase of adulthood passes away. They become more caring, kind, sincere, thoughtful and experienced as well. They would have the right knowledge to care and be there for them.

People tend to more responsible and reliable as they go through various phases of life. So, women consider older men can provide their partners with the sense of emotional and mental security which is one of the basic needs of any human relationship.


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